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Zebra Stone

Zebra stone is a stone that can help us connect to mother earth and to the infinite energy and love in the universe.
Zebra stone, by these connections, can show us our own true natures and help us see past illusion.
Zebra stone is particularly effective at protecting one's aura.
Physically, zebra stone stimulates energy, and is beneficial for stamina, endurance, bone disorders, osteoporosis, teeth, gums, muscle spasms, and heart palpitations.



Zircon, Clear or White

This stone clears the thinking process.

Colors: colorless, yellow, orange, brown to violet, blue and green
Hardness: 6.5 to 7.5

Zoisite (Green)

Zoisite (green) is considered in mystical lore to be a stone that brings and enhances trust in the universe and trust in the ultimate goodness of life.
This brings trust in general as well as releases fears, which can bring a depth of happiness to one's life.
Zoisite is also said to bring energy and dispel laziness.
Crystal healing lore purports that zoisite is good for vitality, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, and strengthening the heart.
Zoisite is associated primarily with the heart chakra, but is sometimes associated with the root and sacral chakras.

Colors: green, pink, blue
Hardness: 6.5

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